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T'RU Stole &
Only real baby alpaca is used to make these overwhelmingly high quality stoles and ponchos, which are incredibly light, strong, and warm. The stylish Swiss design is woven by Bolivian artisans in a tradition that has lasted for 10,000 years. The high quality and durable stole and poncho can be used sparingly both outside and during home time.
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BE CooL TUBEMakuake
Soft and sturdy body, 8 functions such as cold/heat retention, waterproof, air holes, etc., multi-functional bag made by a German manufacturer. Its high cooling power will satisfy you even in subtropical areas such as Dubai! The 3 way multifunctional soft cool bag is not only for outdoor use, but also for a wide range of uses and various scenes!
EZCast Game
A smartphone becomes a stationary game console! A gaming-specific hub that enables keyboard and mouse operation on a large screen has landed in Japan for the first time. Customize the key layout to your liking with the dedicated app (iPhone/Android)! You can play as you like with comfortable operation! Full HD high-definition support for a realistic feel. You can also watch videos with the mirroring function! Translated with (free version)
Söpö means "cute" in Finnish. Söpö is the Finnish word for "cute." We sell items that are needed in daily life, such as for nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, and lessons, at affordable prices.

Media and Activities

Introduced in Kodomoe, a parenting magazine.

Exhibited at the Tokyo Gift Show


Products not sold in Japan

HAUSKAA trading brings you products that have never been sold in Japan. HAUSKAA trading introduces products discovered at overseas exhibitions to our customers earlier than anywhere else.

Use of crowdfunding

We are using crowdfunding (makuake, CampFire, machi-ya, etc.) with the goal of getting our products out to as many people as possible. We will promote and market the products ahead of time, and aim to offer them at the most reasonable price possible.

Offer at a fair price

HAUSKAA trading is thoroughly cutting costs in order to deliver products at the most reasonable prices possible. Our goal is to deliver everyday necessities and high-performance products at affordable prices.




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